Monday, March 28, 2011

Cause you're on the right track

Dear loyal Pippin fans!

Cue-to-cue has been finished! For all of you out there who don't speak "theatre", this aspect of tech gives the designers a chance to work with their light, sound, and scenic cues while jumping through the show. It marks the first interaction between all the elements of a production. While it is often a very stressful and exhausting portion of show week (or hell week, known to those involved), this is the time where most problems are spotted and fixed.

Today also marked the first encounter of the cast, designers, and orchestra in the same venue. The 12 person pit, directed by our musical director freshman Andrew Rogers, accompanies the actors on stage. It has been performing since early February!

Here is a quick sneak peek of one of the Act I dance numbers ("With You"). Curious? Thirsty for more? Then pick up your FREE TICKETS at the Balch Arena Box Office (617 627 3493).

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