Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You've gotta do extraordinary things

We open tomorrow! Get excited, and get your tickets! We have a lot of magic to do for all of you, and we would love to share this project with you.

Today, we have a special gift for you. One of our talented actors, senior Lily Zahn (Catherine) has agreed to share with us her experience with the show and her character:

Lily as Catherine, ready to get on stage
"Hey there players! I'm Lily and I play Catherine and I hope you 're all getting excited for the show because we open tomorrow (what?!?)! So the way I got involved with Pippin was a bit of an adventure. As a senior, I've only previously performed in straight plays here. After high school I shied away from musicals to the point that auditioning for one made me super anxious. For my last show at Tufts, I decided to conquer my fear and at least audition for a musical, and to my surprise it worked out pretty great. Catherine is the newest addition to our motley troupe of players and is entrusted with the task of teaching Pippin about the joy and mundanity of an ordinary home life. A flirty little spitfire, she's not afraid of a challenge, whether it's Pippin's stubborn attitude or the Leading Player's unquestioned authority. She's been such a fun character to play and getting back in the swing of a musical has been an exciting way to finish up my Tufts theater experience. Can't wait to share this show with you! See you this weekend!"

For your entertainment, please check out two pictures from last night's technical rehearsal:

Pippin and Catherine in "Love Song"

Leading Player
And lastly, here is another clip of the show. This time, Pippin and the Leading Player discuss what's is up next for Pippin in "On the Right Track":

Hope you enjoy these treats, and we can't wait to see you this weekend!!

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